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HechoenUruguay.eu - Instagram

Hecho en Uruguay

Created for a very emotional target public, Uruguayans and Argentinians living in Europe looking for traditional and nostalgic products.


  • User Research
  • Brand
  • Marketing Material
  • e-Commerce
  • Faceboook ads

Kicking-off the brand.

Its look & feel is a tribute to Uruguayan artist Joaquin Torres Garcia and his colourful artwork.

HechoenUruguay.eu - Marketing Material

Being relevant.

Products can be filtered by categories as well as countries, providing a fast path to desired items.

HechoenUruguay.eu - Research
User Research: Validation of an hypothesis. It revealed the basis of the whole project.
HechoenUruguay.eu - Email
Communication: Launch email campaign design and execution
HechoenUruguay.eu - Web
e-Commerce: Developed with Wordpress + Woocomerce
HechoenUruguay.eu - Responsive Web
Fully Responsive: Over 60% of the site traffic is Mobile

Branding the details.

Reinforces the brand while every hand crafted product has an extra personal touch.

HechoenUruguay.eu - Marketing MAterial
HechoenUruguay.eu - Packaging
HechoenUruguay.eu - Packaging

Social Media presence.

Giving customers what they are looking for, to be part of their social lives.

HechoenUruguay.eu - Facebook
HechoenUruguay.eu - Instagram